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Mulitple children with Autism...The "A" word!! It does happen to everyday people.

My husband and I have 7 children (His, Hers and Ours).  2 of our precious little ones have Autism...and a 3rd (the baby) is still undergoing testing.  I think a lot about what I'd like to share with people, especially if I can shed light for families who are new to the autism world.  And for you naysayers, YES, it is another world!  A foreign world, where things of your former world no longer work, or make sense.  The air, food, space, touch, site, smell, sound, desire, hope, friendship, mobility ALL becomes different.  It's as if you were reaching your foot out to step on the ground and instead of finding a solid surface your foot bounced off and threw your body like a trampoline.  All the while, people around you are saying, "just step on it, why are you bouncing, it's easy, you aren't trying hard enough, here fill out some paperwork so you can get an instructor on how to step on the ground??!!"  It's humiliating and insulting to a certain degree, to be…

Summer 2012 - Sounds a lot like Summer 2013

An old post that actual made me laugh...some things never change!!  LOL

When I drive home after appointments with the kids, I listen to music to soothe the pain.  I am not happy with seeing psychologists and having to answer "no" to questions about my children that I KNOW I should be saying yes to.  I am sick of the paperwork and red-tape involved in regional centers, school districts, medical grievance departments and therapy agencies.  I don't get heard when I talk to my children...and they certainly don't answer back.  My agonies could go on and on and I try and "hold my chin up" as many of my friends and family have encouraged me to do.  My question is, how do you do that when you keep getting "kicked in the chin"!?

Last month was supposed to be the season of all seasons.  Our 3 kids that live in Maryland would be visiting and Kyle would be getting time off that #1 he needed …

Engloria (The short version of a Scottish childrens book) - by Chella Rivers

Hello readers,

This is a short version of a Scottish adventure chapter book I've been working on for a few years.  I tried to publish the "long" version and then shortened it for a competition in a magazine.  I thought it would be fun to post the short version as a blog since it's not terribly long to read.  If I get a good response, I will post the long version, chapter by chapter.  I hope you enjoy it.

by Chella Rivers

Nicola lived in a cold, smoky cottage near the gate of Sorn Castle.The fog was always thickest there and seemed to purposely hide the villagers’ view of the castle courtyard.Her stonewalled cottage made the bitter chill of winter a painful enemy.The floors stuck to her cold, bare feet early in the morning when she stepped out of bed, which was only made of straw covered with dirty sheets with holes.Having food in the cupboard was rare and there was barely enough coal to build a fire.The butt and ben had one big room that consisted of the li…

Why I'm able to Mother with love instead of merely surviving my Autistic children!

Do you ever wonder about your neighbor and their rowdy children?  Or look crooked at a family eating at the table next you and wonder why they can't control their child?  Stop for a moment and think about the fact that you know nothing about that family unless you have spoken to them.  Even then, they may not reveal the truth to a stranger or a person who doesn't need to know their business.  When I'm in public and my child is climbing the walls, I don't make a proclamation of "my daughter is Autistic and that's why she's out of control", because honestly I don't need to make excuses (nor do I have the time), I just need to focus on teaching her the right way to behave and to ignore the negative behaviors that draw her too much attention.  Does this sound foreign?  It did to me also about 2 years ago when we were first learning this new technique of training our children how to interact in a social world when they have no social compass whatsoever…

We live and breathe Autism.

Since 2010, we have lived and breathed autism.  Looking back, the shock of hearing the diagnosis for 2 of our children didn't even touch the reality we were about to be thrust into, like it or not, we had to learn as we went...trial and error...sink or swim.  We grieved the future loss of meaningful conversation and everyday interactions became more robotic and confusing for us and them.  I quickly learned that I needed to focus when behavior interventionists were teaching my children how to express themselves and how to regulate their emotions.  If my then 2 & 3 year olds were learning methods, I needed to be on board!  

Fast forward to 2011, when our newest arrival came home from the hospital...I was thrown into a tailspin that has lasted over a year.  I won't bore you with daily schedule chaos or massive paperwork overload...but let me share my heart.  I was quite honestly sinking into a pit of NO control, energy, hope, understanding, focus and my ability to gain some sa…