Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's totally definitely lovely up in here!

I have emails to return and a recipe to look up for dinner.  Now that our iPad is broken and our 5 year old has been home from school for a few days, due to bowel issues (lovely), he has no regular outlet to keep him occupied.  Extra lovely.  So, about 11:30 our middle-little gets home from school.  Now they are all 3 here and as usual want 3 vastly different things to eat/drink or play with.  As a substitute for the iPad, I allow our son to use my iPhone but the battery doesn't last long and it's our only outgoing phone in the house.  Hence, major multitasking hiccups because while he's on it, I can't text or call people back that have, inevitably been trying to reach me for my daily schedule.  At this point, the 2 girls are roaming around taking their clothes off in the living room and begging for juice cups, at which point I get for them after climbing a gate, once to get in the kitchen and again to get out of the kitchen.  I have also been trying to get laundry done so I'm shifting baskets and making room for my Cornish game hens to thaw on my wash machine because the only counter space we have has a mixer, blender, coffee maker and tea kettle sitting on it....for lack of storage space...even more loveliness occurring.  Ok, now they have their juice and I've put in a cute little Britishy piggy program and now I can get back to my computer work.  But, that isn't all.  If I go in my room, Aidan has to slam the door behind me, it's just the way he likes it and nobody can argue with Aidan.  But, if the door is closed I can't hear the baby climb the gate and get a dry-erase marker and totally, definitely, can't hear her marking up the back door and dryer.  And then, repeat, after swatting her bum and lifting her over the gate, back in the room and out again to find her with a fork in the 3rd yogurt of the morning (which Daddy has made very clear has to last to the end of the week) and she looks at me and with a raspy little voice says, "hi".  I swat, lift and redirect her to the living room and make my way back to the emails that I still haven't done.  All the while, Kaelynn is in a diaper and standing on a chair that she can placed directly in front of the tv and she's hugging the screen and shouting out words that nobody can understand.  After she gets bored, she runs in the room where Aidan is calmly and quietly enjoying himself and screams "Kaelynns turn!!", so he goes to whack her in the face with the phone...but I was quicker this one time and grab the phone and in my held-back good mommy voice, I say, "Sorry Aidan, it's Kaelynn turn"(cuz it really was her turn)...he screams and runs out of the room and she proceeds to slam the door in my face.  Kylie is missing now.  Guess where she is?  In the kitchen of course, and standing in the fridge saying, "juice". Swat. Lift.  "I. want. choco. milk', chimes Aidan from behind me.  I tell him to wait and then I smell something.  Oh, the laxative must be I'm off to change Aidan.  Done with Aidan.  "Mama, potty!", says Kaelynn as she does the wee dance to the bathroom and now Ky has to go too.  Well, why not! Lets all go in the 4x6 bathroom!  One is digging in the trash while the other is bashing my feet with a stool and we manage to get out of there with accomplished evacuation and mama gets the bright idea to put big girl panties on both girls!!  Yay!!  But it's lunch time so I've got to get something together but first I have to get them happy again and get these emails done.  Of course, as I'm hurrying around and being all "busy momish", Aidan shows me my dead phone.  No biggie.  We can do this.  And, it gives me a chance to dismiss the work that needs to be done and we do horsey rides and swings and climb on mommy until her hips are smashed into the carpet.  And lets pull mommy's hair and kick her in the back.  So, done with that quickly, haha.  I chose frozen burritos.  It's one of those "I cook from scratch a lot, and it's slim pickings" days!  Got them in the oven.  Back to email.  Hear the girls in the kitchen. whack. Lift. whack. Lift (there are 2 of them this time)...both crying cuz mama is so darn mean.  Back to emails.  Wow, I'm making progress.  Kids are quiet.  Getting stuff done.  Wait.  Kids are quiet.  I turn toward our bedroom door as it slowly opens and in comes a little finger  Instant adrenaline, OH NO!!!  She doesn't have a diaper on!!!  Ok! Major mess ummmm, all over her legs and now I've got to get these undies off of her with out making a bigger mess, ok....on the no no...we shouldn't have done that!  Meanwhile, my bedroom door is open because JUST THIS ONCE, I DIDNT LOCK IT BEHIND ME!!! and SO the other two take full advantage of mama being occupied!! Kaelynn has a heavy paper weight in her hand about ready to pound my laptop keyboard and Aidan can't be seen around the corner but I hear bouncing so my heart rate goes up about 50 pts.  Gotta find those baby wipes!  We finally get to the bathroom door, half organized with non-poop accidents waiting to happen, and the DOOR IS LOCKED!  I'm trying to get my key with two handfuls of mess and the key is hitting Kylie in the face! Get the door open and now maneuver around the new light-tan bath mat we just got and I'm dropping wipes in the toilet...I know...I know...they aren't supposed to go in there, but the trash is full and these things were nasty! This goes on. and on. and on.  We finally finish and I bring her out to the couch, and I'm running, I mean running because I know I have a fire to put out in my room and there is poopie on my carpet.  But Kaelynn isn't in the room anymore, only Aidan...and he's hiding in the I search for Kaelynn.  What better place than on top of the most expensive pillow in our house, with her big wet butt because she just wee'd all over the thing!  Off come those undies!  Now I have 2 naked little butts running around!!  And with children that have Autism, they repeat everything back to you as you say there is a constant echo, "stop it! (stop it), what are you doing? (what are you doing), come here! (come here), where are your clothes?? (where are your clothes).  I decide they are both getting diapers and now Aidan needs to be changed again so he's pounding on the bedroom door that was locked by his sister.  Open. Lock. slam. open. lock. slam. unlock. climb. lift. whack!  And laundry is getting piled up again. And I still haven't emailed and how am I going to manage dinner.  It's now 2:20pm and we have therapy at 3:30.  And now I'm blogging...because darn it...I'm a freaking mess over here that needs an outlet!!  Loveliness surrounds me...yep, it's totally, definitely lovely up in here!  And that folks, is my memoire of the last hour.  Good day. Good night.  Good God.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Princess Giggle

Once upon a time in a land of laundry and dirty dishes, there lived a "still very young" princess named Giggle.  Giggle could find a reason to smile in almost any circumstance because it was in her nature to laugh instead of cry.

When things went wrong - she laughed.

When she got hurt - she laughed.

When the future looked very dark and lonely - she laughed. 

One day, while Giggle was looking for reasons to laugh, a very dark stranger came along and told Giggle that she didn't have any reasons to smile or be happy.  He gave her reasons to cry instead of laugh.  Giggle wasn't ready for this darkness so she let him steal her happy.  She let him hurt her joy and he made her cry day and night.  Suddenly, she found herself comfortable there in the dark.  Crying was her new laughing.  She eventually forgot how to laugh.  Her friends tried to help.  They told her the stranger was wrong and that she had reasons to laugh and be happy.  So, Giggle would try to laugh but she would cry instead.  Her friends didn't give up.  They cried with her.  They prayed with her.  They tried to make her smile.  They talked about all the good things Giggle had to look forward to.  They reminded Giggle about God's grace and His Love that was never ending.  Day and night, her friends stood by her side.

Many months went by...

Giggle still hadn't laughed.

On a sad Winter morning, she made her way to the garden to pray.  Although she wasn't happy, she still cried out to God everyday asking to have her happy back.  This day was different.  She was numb...but, He was waiting for her with big strong arms.  He wanted to see her smile and laugh again.  He wanted to restore her happy.  He had heard all the prayers and He had stored all the tears.  He was waiting for her heart to be open to receive His happy.  He smiled at her and her soul collapsed right before Him.  She was an empty vessel.  All cried out.  Nothing left to give.  It was then, that a flood of happy came in.  Funny thing was, nothing had changed really.  Her life was still the same.  But, once again she could smile when things were bad and laugh when she had no reason.  She exchanged her tears for laughter and her sadness for happy.

Giggle's happy came from God all along.  His happy was always available and was free.  Giggle decided to keep it and praised God for His Happy :)

Now Giggle is laughing again.

When her heart hurts - she laughs.

When she is lonely - she laughs.

When her circumstances are hard - she laughs.

After all, it's in her nature to laugh instead of cry.
Giggle :)

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