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Back-Scratch Junky

Originally Published 11-14-2006 My son has crossed over!  I don't know when it happened or how I can bring him back now...I think it's hopeless!  Routinely, he will exhaust himself trying to get his fix of getting "scratched" accomplished.  I have witnessed this tireless effort many times and it makes me laugh without fail.  Last night he even screamed, "SCRATCH ANYTHING! JUST SCRATCH!".  Every night he flops his body on my bed, upside down, sideways, diagonally, face down, fetal position...any different way hoping I will give in to his request - always with a look of total desperation on his face.  Like if he doesn't get scratched he might just die right there at that very moment. **Picture this with me**  I'm tucked in bed ready to read myself to sleep and in comes my junky.  Flopping himself across my lap, his arm comes crashing across my chest and I hear a sigh of frustration, "aaaaaggghghhhhh...please scratch until 10:24...okay, okay...s…

Princess Sand

There once was a princess in a really close land
The land was dirt the land was sand
Where can I build my castle high?
The ground is soft, I dare not try.

She needed a castle where she could live
Live like a princess, like a princess should live
Can't live without a tall tower keep
Where will I lay my head to sleep.

I can't live in this land that is covered in sand
I need help from a sturdy, loving hand.
Asking her Father above the clouds
His land wasn't sand or dirt or ground.

Help me with my problem, my problem so deep
My castle my home, your promise to keep
She called out to Him every day and night
Give me the answer I'm praying you might.

I want my land to be firm like you
Not like the sand that my feet walk through
He certainly listened He had a plan
But princesses don't get answers on their command.

As the days passed by the princess grew weary
Her heart was sad and her feet were dirty
Not much like a princess she felt in her soul

What I believe Autism is...and what it isn't

Autism is:

A scary word to hear about your child.
A reality for normal families with normal children.
Life changing.
Hard to understand.
Worrisome for the rest of your children.
Exhausting for the child and for the parents and siblings.
A new way of life, we weren't expecting.
A continuous struggle.
A way to bring family together.

Autism isn't:
The end of the world.
Deadly or contagious.
What defines my child.
Made up or fabricated in parents minds.
The same for every family.
Going away.
Outside of Gods Devine purpose and plan.
Too big for God.

Chili and Chocolate

As I'm typing, my 3 year old son is screeching from his bedroom...a sound very much like the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. I simply want him to take a break. You see, he slept from 9-11:30pm last night and then was up until 6:30am. At 8am I had to wake him for a short time because his regular therapy starts at 8:30. Of course, we realized after about 10 minutes that he wouldn't make it through the session, so the therapist left and I let him go back to sleep until 11 o'clock...and when he got up, we got ready for the bus and he was off to school. Long day for a three year old. Its always a tough decision to try and get him to nap because I literally have to sit and listen to the tortuous scream. It's almost worse than just letting him stay up.
My two year old daughter is going in circles around the stroller that sits in our living room (for lack of a better location) and she's muttering "a dah, tha...**breathe breathe** a dah, tha...." and reverse…