So you think you can dance??

Doctors orders were for me to "dance" with my children.  As a result of my 4 pregnancies (two of which I had the lovely condition I call GD - Gestational Diabetes), and my 60+ lb weight gain (thank you genetics), I am a pre-diabetic and need to get those nasty blood sugars under control.  Knowing I have 3 small children underfoot all day...and that they have the "A" word (Autism:) for my new readers), she suggested I "dance" with them.  "Ya know, just turn on some fun dance tunes and dance in the living room.  Everyone likes to dance and it will be good exercise and fun with the kids".

In actuality, this is how it went.

"Mommy is going to turn off Wubbzy since you've watched it half the morning, and we are going to dance," I said as I tripped over the carpet that had previously been rolled up in a bunch under the cupboard where the stereo sits.  "I want Wubbzy!!" chanting from the hallway.  I reached down to pry the broken cupboard open as it swung from one ragged hinge - the other hinge busted away from a shredded and gnarled piece of splintered wood.  The first radio station I come to is finishing a boring song so I close the door and wait a few seconds for the next to start.  Then some crazy-rap-90's-hip-hop-booming song starts playing and I try and roll with it...getting all dub-step and gangster...until I realized the kids are all screaming and asking for drinks and covering their ears.  So, I switch the station.  Nothing much better on the next go but I try dancing anyway.

Now the kids are into it but they only want to do "ring around the rosy"...and now they are mad because I'm not spinning them and they are fighting for my attention.  Next wonderful thing...Aidan wants chocolate-milk all of a sudden and starts climbing the gate.  "Come on, lets dance", I yell enthusiastically as I start my 40 something groove... "No...I want milk..."  Girls are now screaming and asking for different things...Kylie wants to spin...Kaelynn wants to run in circles...nobody wants to hold hands and now Aidan is on the floor squealing.  At this point, the song is actually irritating and I'm cheerfully saying "lets's fun...right??"  Now I'm dancing alone.  Everyone is either crying or upset...or wanting milk.  Well doctor...easier said than done.

**Shaking my head**  I will never get this figured out will I?


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