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So you think you can dance??

Doctors orders were for me to "dance" with my children.  As a result of my 4 pregnancies (two of which I had the lovely condition I call GD - Gestational Diabetes), and my 60+ lb weight gain (thank you genetics), I am a pre-diabetic and need to get those nasty blood sugars under control.  Knowing I have 3 small children underfoot all day...and that they have the "A" word (Autism:) for my new readers), she suggested I "dance" with them.  "Ya know, just turn on some fun dance tunes and dance in the living room.  Everyone likes to dance and it will be good exercise and fun with the kids".

In actuality, this is how it went.

"Mommy is going to turn off Wubbzy since you've watched it half the morning, and we are going to dance," I said as I tripped over the carpet that had previously been rolled up in a bunch under the cupboard where the stereo sits.  "I want Wubbzy!!" chanting from the hallway.  I reached down to pry the broke…

Finding compassion in places you never want to go...

There is no structure to this post...just a venting session.  Read at your own risk.

Recently on social media, I was made to feel that sharing my pain was just a burden to others and that they didn't really want to hear my "pain" or "hardship".  How can I put this?  Sorry if reality is too hard for others but I sort of can't avoid my reality!!  But, for the sake of saving friendships I decided to blog about my experiences instead.  Whoever wants to read can...and the others can ignore them.  Doesn't matter to me!

Here goes my blog...

I could hear the laughter of my children flowing down the hallway as my husband was being "monster Daddy".  I should have felt a sweet lightness in my heart and possibly a tear should've appeared in my eye to live in that rare moment.  I should've felt something wonderful.  Instead, my body was holding up a countertop as I drearily stared into the room that used to have a dining table but is now a mix-matc…

We don't need a break FROM our children with Autism, we need a break WITH our children with Autism.

I'm a little hesitant to write this post as I'm aware that any opinion on parenting styles varies so much from family to family and even situations within the same topic can reflect very different realities.  I will be using generalization about raising Autistic kids, so please bare that in mind as you read.

Going against popular belief and the multiple comments I get from loved ones and even strangers, I proclaim with fervor, "We don't NEED a break from our children".  When I've spent an afternoon complaining to a friend about the "goings on" in our household, I can see why their conclusion is, "you need a break from the kids" or "do you have respite care, so you can get away?".  At the risk of sounding double-minded, YES we need those kinds of breaks too but that is not the primary resolution to our troubled minds.  If you have the time and the heart to follow along, let me take you on a journey into the deeper life of a family…

It's totally definitely lovely up in here!

I have emails to return and a recipe to look up for dinner.  Now that our iPad is broken and our 5 year old has been home from school for a few days, due to bowel issues (lovely), he has no regular outlet to keep him occupied.  Extra lovely.  So, about 11:30 our middle-little gets home from school.  Now they are all 3 here and as usual want 3 vastly different things to eat/drink or play with.  As a substitute for the iPad, I allow our son to use my iPhone but the battery doesn't last long and it's our only outgoing phone in the house.  Hence, major multitasking hiccups because while he's on it, I can't text or call people back that have, inevitably been trying to reach me for my daily schedule.  At this point, the 2 girls are roaming around taking their clothes off in the living room and begging for juice cups, at which point I get for them after climbing a gate, once to get in the kitchen and again to get out of the kitchen.  I have also been trying to get laundry do…

Princess Giggle

Once upon a time in a land of laundry and dirty dishes, there lived a "still very young" princess named Giggle.  Giggle could find a reason to smile in almost any circumstance because it was in her nature to laugh instead of cry.

When things went wrong - she laughed.

When she got hurt - she laughed.

When the future looked very dark and lonely - she laughed. 

One day, while Giggle was looking for reasons to laugh, a very dark stranger came along and told Giggle that she didn't have any reasons to smile or be happy.  He gave her reasons to cry instead of laugh.  Giggle wasn't ready for this darkness so she let him steal her happy.  She let him hurt her joy and he made her cry day and night.  Suddenly, she found herself comfortable there in the dark.  Crying was her new laughing.  She eventually forgot how to laugh.  Her friends tried to help.  They told her the stranger was wrong and that she had reasons to laugh and be happy.  So, Giggle would try to laugh but she wo…