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Mulitple children with Autism...The "A" word!! It does happen to everyday people.

My husband and I have 7 children (His, Hers and Ours).  2 of our precious little ones have Autism...and a 3rd (the baby) is still undergoing testing.  I think a lot about what I'd like to share with people, especially if I can shed light for families who are new to the autism world.  And for you naysayers, YES, it is another world!  A foreign world, where things of your former world no longer work, or make sense.  The air, food, space, touch, site, smell, sound, desire, hope, friendship, mobility ALL becomes different.  It's as if you were reaching your foot out to step on the ground and instead of finding a solid surface your foot bounced off and threw your body like a trampoline.  All the while, people around you are saying, "just step on it, why are you bouncing, it's easy, you aren't trying hard enough, here fill out some paperwork so you can get an instructor on how to step on the ground??!!"  It's humiliating and insulting to a certain degree, to be…