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We live and breathe Autism.

Since 2010, we have lived and breathed autism.  Looking back, the shock of hearing the diagnosis for 2 of our children didn't even touch the reality we were about to be thrust into, like it or not, we had to learn as we went...trial and error...sink or swim.  We grieved the future loss of meaningful conversation and everyday interactions became more robotic and confusing for us and them.  I quickly learned that I needed to focus when behavior interventionists were teaching my children how to express themselves and how to regulate their emotions.  If my then 2 & 3 year olds were learning methods, I needed to be on board!  

Fast forward to 2011, when our newest arrival came home from the hospital...I was thrown into a tailspin that has lasted over a year.  I won't bore you with daily schedule chaos or massive paperwork overload...but let me share my heart.  I was quite honestly sinking into a pit of NO control, energy, hope, understanding, focus and my ability to gain some sa…