Princess Giggle

Once upon a time in a land of laundry and dirty dishes, there lived a "still very young" princess named Giggle.  Giggle could find a reason to smile in almost any circumstance because it was in her nature to laugh instead of cry.

When things went wrong - she laughed.

When she got hurt - she laughed.

When the future looked very dark and lonely - she laughed. 

One day, while Giggle was looking for reasons to laugh, a very dark stranger came along and told Giggle that she didn't have any reasons to smile or be happy.  He gave her reasons to cry instead of laugh.  Giggle wasn't ready for this darkness so she let him steal her happy.  She let him hurt her joy and he made her cry day and night.  Suddenly, she found herself comfortable there in the dark.  Crying was her new laughing.  She eventually forgot how to laugh.  Her friends tried to help.  They told her the stranger was wrong and that she had reasons to laugh and be happy.  So, Giggle would try to laugh but she would cry instead.  Her friends didn't give up.  They cried with her.  They prayed with her.  They tried to make her smile.  They talked about all the good things Giggle had to look forward to.  They reminded Giggle about God's grace and His Love that was never ending.  Day and night, her friends stood by her side.

Many months went by...

Giggle still hadn't laughed.

On a sad Winter morning, she made her way to the garden to pray.  Although she wasn't happy, she still cried out to God everyday asking to have her happy back.  This day was different.  She was numb...but, He was waiting for her with big strong arms.  He wanted to see her smile and laugh again.  He wanted to restore her happy.  He had heard all the prayers and He had stored all the tears.  He was waiting for her heart to be open to receive His happy.  He smiled at her and her soul collapsed right before Him.  She was an empty vessel.  All cried out.  Nothing left to give.  It was then, that a flood of happy came in.  Funny thing was, nothing had changed really.  Her life was still the same.  But, once again she could smile when things were bad and laugh when she had no reason.  She exchanged her tears for laughter and her sadness for happy.

Giggle's happy came from God all along.  His happy was always available and was free.  Giggle decided to keep it and praised God for His Happy :)

Now Giggle is laughing again.

When her heart hurts - she laughs.

When she is lonely - she laughs.

When her circumstances are hard - she laughs.

After all, it's in her nature to laugh instead of cry.
Giggle :)


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